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About T. Sheppard Photography

I worked for over 30 years as park naturalist in Northeastern Minnesota and have projects that you might have seen in State Parks across the Arrowhead region. I have chosen to go back into to doing photography. I guess you could call me old school, because I used to have my own dark room and did all of my own black and white printing. But today I am really into digital photography. Today I can do things in a couple of hours that would take two days in the darkroom to work out. I also love the fact that I no longer have to send my film by UPS or US Post Office to the processing lab and then have it sent back to me.

Today, when I take a picture, I know what I shot, I can review it to make sure I got the picture that I wanted, and I can back it up to protect it. Shooting good pictures is more than pointing a camera, clicking and hoping that it worked. It is important to understand both the art and the technical side of producing good pictures.

I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the galleries. Email me or give me a call if you have questions.


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