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"Capturing life's most precious memories"

What my customers say...

"We received the photographs. Thank you very much. We think you do great work. Have a happy new year. It was very nice to work with you and your wife. "

"Wow, great service. I'll let you know when they arrive. I'm looking forward to seeing them!!" "Photos arrived and they look fabulous!"

"We love the layout of the album and don't want to change anything! You have captured us well :) Thank you so much."

"We LOVE the album - outstanding job. "

"Perfect! Love it! "

"Hi, Yes, the prints and the DVD were beautiful. "

"Yes, I am very satisfied with the pictures! But I have a lot of them picked out as my favorites!!! Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job!"

"The pictures from our wedding are wonderful! You and Ted did a great job."

"There were so many pictures to pick from. I had to look through them numerous times and still had a hard time picking them."

"OMG love love love our pictures. Just got them yesterday! Too many to look at :) So we have to make the decision of what to put in the album ;) That is going to be tough!!!!

So excited! they are so great. You got a ton of the dance too. I love it!!!!"

"Finding a wedding photographer is a stressful task. You want to make sure that the one you finally pick is going to live up to your expectations. Maija and Ted definitately did that and so much more.

Having the two of them team up was wonderful. They captured every detail of the ceremony. The pictures truly re-create our special day.

Maija and Ted were very professional and comfortable to work with, as well as very flexible. Our ceremony took place in an outdoor garden. Everything was going as planned until the storm/tornado hit. Maija and Ted were absolutely wonderful and just went with the flow. They did such a great job despite the storm/tornado and lack of power at the reception site.

Thanks so much,
Linda F.

"I just want to the wedding pictures turned out great."

"It was a difficult process because we like so many of them. We are looking forward to getting the final copies! Thank you so much. I've shown my friends some of the pictures and they love them!"

"Thank you so much for taking the pictures at our wedding. Upon our return from our extended honeymoon we received the disc. We were very pleased with how the pictures turned out and are in the process of picking out which 15 pics. we would like to have in 8x10's. There are so many good pictures this is a difficult task."

"We are extremely pleased with the pictures, as are the parents & friends! We made copies for Flowers by Jeannie and Tom Tolrud (Cuisine by Thomas - Cake & Sweets) - and credited you. My two favorites are the b&w profile shot of Violet with the umbrella and the one of Pat and I walking in the street outside of the church. His favorites are one of him and his mom dancing and a cake-eating shot."

"We would be happy to be a reference for you."

"We received the prints yesterday afternoon - they look great!! Thanks so much."

"We love the photos!"

"I did get them this weekend. They are wonderful I love them all!"

"Ted, Thank you so much for out beautiful wedding pics! We are so happy that we had you do our pics instead of s/o else. They are exactly what we wanted."


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